“Auriet” EP

“Auriet” EP is the anticipated self-titled debut offering from sisters Jessica and Victoria Ferra. Consisting of four beautifully presented original tracks, this EP serves as a striking introduction to the emerging world of Auriet. Drawing inspiration from across a wide musical spectrum, including classical, folk and rock music, each song and every aspect of its arrangement was carefully crafted and refined by the sister duo themselves. Despite its pocket-sized appearance, the EP was designed to showcase an appealing tapestry of fine melodies, lush harmonies, and strong rhythmic elements, all richly layered to offer an immersive listening experience. The lyrical themes presented throughout vary from hope and encouragement to nostalgia and finding strength to overcome one’s fears. 

Auriet was delighted to collaborate with award winning producer, Marius Brouwer, who’s masterful talents helped shape the authentic soundscape of the EP. This creative alliance offered the sisters an extraordinary opportunity to work alongside four world class musicians from the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Of these exclusive collaborations, Jessica and Victoria stated that it was “an absolute privilege to witness such exquisite talent” and that the entire experience was “truly inspiring”.

‘Auriet’ EP was recorded in January 2021 at Pop Planet Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Composed, arranged and performed by Auriet.
All lyrics by Victoria Ferra.
Produced and engineered by Marius Brouwer at Pop Planet Studios.

Victoria Ferra – Lead Vocals & Choir
Jessica Ferra – Vocals, Choir and Lead/Rhythm Guitars

Additional Musicians:
Miroslav Chakaryan – Violin
Camelia Onea – Violin
Evert van Niekerk – Violin
Susan Mouton – Cello

Art Direction by Auriet
Photography by Antoinette Reinecke
Hair & Makeup by Tiffany Wilson

Track Listing

1. Stardust
2. Home
3. Lullaby
4. Silent Reign (Radio Version)

“The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness cannot overcome it.”

Auriet’s music will be available on this
platform soon – watch this space